Thursday, March 25, 2010


Someone told me a personal blog would be a great idea to share what's inside my head for inspiration, or that was just me making an excuse to have one / / Eve


Javrila said...

Yes. That makes sense. haha! I don't know if copying you and getting one myself would be a good idea, since we live in two different worlds. In my world, there're no blogs. In my world there's no people who appreciate the simplest things, and the word "inspiration" is simply unknown. So I think I won't get one... also I think you've had enough about COPYING lately... haha! you know what I'm talking about right?

Oh yeah, and as I said, I know how to make those braids! I'll teach you one day.

sweetevis said...

who cares get one Javy!

hahaha yes I know what your talking about, I wish I could make it to your wedding but we really have to plan you coming here and then going to Vegas.. hopefully we'll make it!

Javrila said...

Sounds like a deal.