Friday, April 30, 2010

A Sunday Night.

and to imagine the stars we see are truly suns.
not saying they are all giving some live to a planet some of them are just chillin in there in the space.

A few Sunday's back Marcelo and me when out to see the sky with his telescope.
Here are some pics he took of the moon and me.

Marcelo taking picture?
Say that again.
Yes, I guess everything for the love of space.

click HERE to see some amazing images taken from the Hubble.
yes they are real.

I think this one is so perfect.

how small you want to feel?

Monday, April 26, 2010

great salt lake.

I went there this last Sunday, ohh this place is so gorgeous!
I wasn't there for too long because the mosquito's were killing us. but I did enjoy watching the beautiful view.

this was actually my 2nd time here.

my cute marce

a cute quart I got.

a picture i took there back in '06

a paint I had to do my senior yr. in art class
i took that flower pic on the back

I just love this last one, I took it back in '06 with a point and shoot camera from the Provo canyon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seducida & Despues perdida.

Seducida y despu├ęs perdida.

sorry for all the non Spanish readers, but if you know how to read in Spanish you have to check this girls blog. I just love her stories.

check her blog

oh yeah, & i am craving for some nail designs/colors.

Monday, April 19, 2010

oh Lisa Mitchell.

I fell in love with this song, and her videos are the cutest!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Forever Young.

It makes me so happy to have Laura back, I just love talking with her about whatever.

they have been playing on the radio what it is I guess the "new" version of forever young by Alphaville and apparently the first thing that came to my mind was the movie "napoleon dynamite" but I changed that today this song will make me remember this coming summer.

I am completely in love with this song,
by temper trap / 
sweet disposition

xx, Eve

tea party. real

Cinthia call me and said -I have some Japanese tea cups. Let's do your tea party!
and so we did.

In a lovely cloudy Friday, outside having some wild sweet orange tea and fancy cupcakes but also some delicious chocolate fondue with strawberry and bananas. YUMMY

my view.
just wish the power cords wouldn't be on the way.
the mountains are so p r e t t y.

Cinthia, Laura Green, Paola and Melosa
(Laura Gutierrez).
for a lovely afternoon.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I saw the preview long time ago at the theater, Marcelo and I decided to go see it but we let the time go and we didn't make it. Yesterday WE finally saw it, I have to say I have LEARNED to love this place called planet earth. While growing up as a child I didn't pay much attention at how unbelievably Beautiful EARTH is, how wonderful animals are and how lucky I am to live with them.

You have to see it in HD! oh my gosh the images are just beautiful.

PS. when I saw the preview I cried at minute 1:04 my nephew would say -Lyn you're a baby! I am just that sensitive. Click HERE for the official preview.

Image Credit | KayleenT (that's me)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Someday soon.

well.. uh-mm.

Mario Testino.
A few weeks back I discovered this talented guy who's pictures I admire, he was born and raised in Lima-Peru.

The other day I was looking at some images at " I heart it", I wrote on the search bar Peru.. I looked at a few images he took in Cuzco-Peru and then clicked on the blog's owner who posted the images and in my mind I was like.. who's the photographer?
Thanks to the credit the owner gave I discovered who was the photographer, this guy.

One of the things I loved was that he has done stuff I really want to do someday before I die like:
*Go do an amazing photo-shoot in city of Cuzco and in Lima Peru (models, mua/hairstylist the whole crew)
*Shoot celebrities not just anyone but the ones "i want to shoot"
*and help with many foundations.

I guess that's it for now, and finding out he is from the same city where i grew up (Lima-Peru) and then moving to a different country makes me feel even more inspired to someday do it. which I will trust me.

PS. I am so surprised how lil I know about "who's" behind the camera. I am teaching myself!

Images below are from one of hi's recent photo shoots.
These ones are so my style!

See more at:

These last images are from one of the TeenVogue issues (yes i'm a fan) These were the first images I saw from a professional photo shoot at Cuzco and I fall in love for this idea. Any make up artist/hair designers and models who would be crazy enough to go? I am doing this before I have babies. I will not have babies until I do this!
last 3 pics photographer unknown.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Secret Garden.

Do you know what I am talking about? Do you remember that movie?.. I bet you do. Today I wasn't able to hang out with Marcelo, he had so much work to do, so I worked on some pictures until I got exhausted from the computer. I got bored so I was trying to find a good movie to watch on "netflix" but didn't find anything and all of the sudden it came to my mind "The secret garden" I haven't watched that movie since I was a child! one of my all time favorites, seriously if you haven't watched it you must.. trust me especially if your a girl! I was so surprised at how good I remembered it.
My favorite part or actually one of my favorites is where she founds her aunts room, I just love that room it's G O R G E O U S !

I don't know whats up with me and watching old movies (well sort of old) It started with "Interview with a vampire", then "The sixth sense" and now this one. I have always loved movies and it's always good to refresh your memory.

I watched the whole movie on click here to see it.


This song came to my mind yesterday, it's one of my all time favorites, I really love Andrea Bocelli and this song especially, I think Zucchero was perfect for this.