Friday, April 30, 2010

A Sunday Night.

and to imagine the stars we see are truly suns.
not saying they are all giving some live to a planet some of them are just chillin in there in the space.

A few Sunday's back Marcelo and me when out to see the sky with his telescope.
Here are some pics he took of the moon and me.

Marcelo taking picture?
Say that again.
Yes, I guess everything for the love of space.

click HERE to see some amazing images taken from the Hubble.
yes they are real.

I think this one is so perfect.

how small you want to feel?


Laura Gutierrez said...

Hey i like this... how did you do that?? a mean to take he picture... i like it!

sweetevis said...

your gonna have to ask Marcelo 'cause he was the one that took them :)