Tuesday, March 27, 2012

behind the scenes

i love it when i see cute photos of the behind the scenes of my photoshoots, here are some photos from my last week photoshoot with Marisol, the final product will be post at my {photography blog}

& i also got a new hair color. i love it!
the salon was so cute and the stylist are all so nice and of course professional!

oh and also i went to see the midnight show at thanksgiving point Megaplex for The Hunger Games, it was good and the actors did a great job but i still like the book much better, I think just because of all the details they skipped on the movie ;)



fjsdvsdflk said...

dudeeeeeeee, sooo cute
lookin' awesomeeeeeeeeeeee :3

sweetevis said...

thank you vane, when are you coming back to facebook? :)