Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday {Anthony}

Last Saturday was Anthony's 5th birthday party!
This year it was all about {Sharks} this was such a cool theme, i love it! including all the details my sister in law did with the candy buffet and my mom making the small shark's tails for the kids and also for the grown ups {if they wanted} to wear!
The kids really like it and so did I :)

too much sugar around the house that day but it was all really fun at the end.
Anthony picking up the candy from the piƱata, seriously that part is always a wild time for kids they just go crazy!

the { cute } face
 the { anthony } face

Anthony's photoshoot at my photography {blog} click {here}


Laura said...

what a cute party! love all the details.

sweetevis said...

thank you Laura! :)