Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Los Heraldos Negros { Cesar Vallejo }

I remember back on my first grade of high school (7th grade?) in Lima, there was this poetry recital at school I chose to do "Los Heraldos Negros" I don't know why but maybe because it was a short poem. I couldn't really understand the strong meaning of this poem at that young age until now that I have actually experience the meaning of it. I was really nervous that day I got confused a little and I mix the paragraphs at the end but my nice memory from that day was that I won 2nd place even with my mistake.

{ Spanish }

Hay golpes en la vida tan fuertes . . . ¡Yo no se!
Golpes como del odio de Dios; como si ante ellos;
la resaca de todo lo sufrido se empozara en el alma
¡Yo no se!
Son pocos; pero son . . . abren zanjas oscuras
en el rostro mas fiero y en el lomo mas fuerte,
Serán talvez los potros de bárbaros atilas;
o los heraldos negros que nos manda la Muerte

Son las caídas hondas de los Cristos del alma,
de alguna adorable que el Destino Blasfema,
Esos golpes sangrientos son las crepitaciones
de algún pan que en la puerta del horno se nos quema

Y el hombre....pobre...¡pobre!
Vuelve los ojos,
como cuando por sobre el hombro
nos llama una palmada;
vuelve los ojos locos,
y todo lo vivido
se empoza, como charco de culpa,
en la mirada.

Hay golpes en la vida, tan fuertes . . . ¡Yo no se! 
Cesar Vallejo

{ English }

Black Messengers
There are in life such hard blows . . . I don't know!
Blows seemingly from God's wrath; as if before them
the undertow of all our sufferings
is embedded in our souls . . . I don't know!

There are few; but are . . . opening dark furrows
in the fiercest of faces and the strongest of loins,
They are perhaps the colts of barbaric Attilas
or the dark heralds Death sends us.

They are the deep falls of the Christ of the soul,
of some adorable one that Destiny Blasphemes.
Those bloody blows are the crepitation
of some bread getting burned on us by the oven's door

And the man . . . poor . . . poor!
He turns his eyes around, like
when patting calls us upon our shoulder;
he turns his crazed maddened eyes,
and all of life's experiences become stagnant, like a puddle of guilt, in a daze.

There are such hard blows in life. I don't know
Cesar Vallejo

Natalia Lafourcade { no viniste }

one of my favorite songs from this girl. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Saturday Afternoon

One of my favorite things are the weekends when I don't have to work, because I finally get to see Marcelo. We just see each other on the weekends-monday and then maybe between tuesday & thursday. At the beginning of our relationship he was the only one driving all the way from salt lake to orem, then I finally got my own car this is back in 2005-2006! And then I started to also drive from orem-slc.. Funny thing is that the winter before I met Marcelo, we went with my family to California and on our way back we just spent new years on the freeway, little did I knew the freeway was going to be on my calendar and in life this much! 

I think I will be missing "the waiting time" once we are moved in together that moment of waiting and finally being able to open the door & give him a hug and a kiss and spend the rest of the day together, but I am ready also to leave that in the past keep it as a beautiful memory and start our own lives together. 

here is our regular and not so special Saturday with a cute detail from him. he got me flowers just because. yep, one of my favorites things!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Point { gardens }

I remember when I got engaged long time ago before Marcelo's accident, I remember planning our Wedding and thinking on having it at Thanksgiving Point. Things have change so much since then, my style and I would say the whole ideas that I used to have then when I was 21. My whole planning ideas for a wedding are different these days. I feel more prepare and ready, but I still like this place even if its not my wedding location anymore :)

Monday, June 11, 2012