Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Saturday Afternoon

One of my favorite things are the weekends when I don't have to work, because I finally get to see Marcelo. We just see each other on the weekends-monday and then maybe between tuesday & thursday. At the beginning of our relationship he was the only one driving all the way from salt lake to orem, then I finally got my own car this is back in 2005-2006! And then I started to also drive from orem-slc.. Funny thing is that the winter before I met Marcelo, we went with my family to California and on our way back we just spent new years on the freeway, little did I knew the freeway was going to be on my calendar and in life this much! 

I think I will be missing "the waiting time" once we are moved in together that moment of waiting and finally being able to open the door & give him a hug and a kiss and spend the rest of the day together, but I am ready also to leave that in the past keep it as a beautiful memory and start our own lives together. 

here is our regular and not so special Saturday with a cute detail from him. he got me flowers just because. yep, one of my favorites things!

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