Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Visits to Orem

Lately every time I would go visit my family in Orem I would always try to get the best of it and see a friend or 2 or even meet with a client and sometimes also do a photoshoot, but let me tell you.. I get so tired at the end of the day! haha I will limit myself on my next visits to Utah County to just stop by and do 2 things maybe 3 but no more! My last visit started in having lunch with my mom at her work (I miss her so much, our daily routines of going to the gym together, watching criminal mind and even our silly discussions) It was so nice seeing her and I'll be doing this more often, later I stop by to see my sister in law and my 2 crazy nephews for some DIY for our coming photo-shoot then I met with a girl to try some of the it works wraps and last but not least I got to hangout with my dear friend Laura and have some yummy food at Station 22 by the way my new favorite place to eat!


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