Thursday, September 19, 2013

New York Day One

Bonjour New York City!

Well, how should I start telling about our little trip? 

We got to JFK airport around 6 AM! (crazy) and we couldn't sleep at all during our fly and yes we were so so tired but extremely excited to wonder around this new city! Like any first timers we got our tickets to see the statue of liberty at 10 AM a day before our flight, we check in at our hotel and sleep for a little, got dress and started to walk to Battery Park, I can still remember the feeling of walking around, after we saw Liberty Park we went back to our hotel to get lunch at the rooftop restaurant and what an amazing view this place has to offer we got to see all the beautiful buildings from around the area but also the 9/11 pools from above, Marcelo really wanted to go inside and be next to them and I am glad he request it, it was a very special feeling, but after we got out we keep walking around our hotel area and all the way to the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, I seriously felt like walking and entering a castle, this was probably one of my most favorite things to see and walk it all the way down to Brooklyn Bridge Park and the view from the city from the park it is just amazing and yes you might think we are crazy but we went all the way back to our hotel walking and I wouldn't change it at all, oh! and we also got some yummy pizza and hot dogs on our way back!  I couldn't wait for day two at this point! 

{early anniversary trip}

(Marcelo actually took this one of this old man walking, I really like it)

We saw the pretty Manhattan Bridge on our way from the airport to the hotel in the taxi, the sunrise had just finished and it is one of my favorite memories from day one.

Images with my Canon 50D | iPhone | GoProHero3  

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