Monday, September 30, 2013

| Primer Año |

Let's fall in Love, happy first anniversary.

Time goes by really fast and to be honest sometimes it scares me a little bit, I wished I could make some memories go by really slow but I guess that's the beauty of live to enjoy each moment and make it unique. I dated Marcelo for a very long time and our engagement also lasted a few years. We met back when I was just 17 and almost 18 I am now 26 and he still always surprises me on how good he knows me!

So, I wanted to do something special for him and I cooked him his favorite meal, Lasagna (thanks to Marcelo's mom for the help and instructions!) After dinner we stop at Coffee Garden and took a walk around the 9th and 9th area because we kinda missed all the walking we did back in NYC and finished the day with a movie "Now you see me" After we watched that movie I was so excited to go to a magic show! (I still want to go) 

This boy is truly my best friend, Let's see what the future bring us..

The following weekend he took me to one of my favorite places to eat The Copper Onion at brunch time which is my favorite! We also went on a not so plan hike to Mount Wire in Salt Lake City and it was simple perfect. 

xx. Eve

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