Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New York Day Two

Journée Deux | 2

Waking up in NYC just makes it feel so much better and exciting! 

Central Park, The metropolitan, 5 Ave, Ladurée, etc! This was the day I was like a little child on a Christmas morning ha ha, this was also the morning we got to take the subway for the first time and we decided to take it and stop at the Grand Central station and from there walk all the way to the Natural History Museum this way we could get to know the city a little bit more. After exploring museum number 1 we got a quick meal from a street vendor at lunch and ate it at central park and from there we walk around and across central park to The Metropolitan Museum, I pretty much could stay there for 2 whole days and camp inside The Met, I was in LOVE with the place!

We finish the day eating at Serendipity, before heading to our hotel.

Macaron snacks and the city lights for us, Good Night!


 Day 1 | click HERE.

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