Monday, November 4, 2013


This was my first year at the Frightmares

I haven't been at lagoon maybe since 3-4 years ago? 
My friend Cinthia and I randomly woke up with the idea of going, and without too much planning we went on the last day for the season. We were like little girls, so excited! The last time we went by ourselves it was back in 10th grade in the summer season. The decorations were probably one of my favorite things, It was a little cold but not too bad at all, I love going on rides and haunted houses so it was worth it.. but I totally forgot how easily Cinthia gets scared (she screams quite a lot/it is hilarious) but by that time we were both missing our hubbies! 

It was a not so plan but great girls night out at the end.

PS. oh and, I got some not so plan bangs too! I am still trying to get used to them.

xx. Eve

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