Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goodbye 2013 | Hello 2014

The Holidays.

The Holidays are done and I always feel a little sad, I wished they could last just a little bit longer!

Christmas was better this year than the last year (when my nephew Alexander got to be at the hospital) I was just thankful this year we got to be all together at home and safe. 

Christmas Eve started with the cutest called ever, my nephew Anthony was calling me to find out what was taking me and Marcelo so long to get to my parents house!(crazy boy couldn't wait to open his present from us) It was so funny and adorable seeing him run outside so happy to help us with things oh! and smiling for all the pictures! what? This little boy was also being patience to open his first present before Santa delivered the rest!
Alexander will always be the sweetest boy ever!

We spent the last hours of Christmas Eve with Marcelo's side of the family until midnight!

* * *

New Years Eve! 

star crown tutorial | HERE

We took a short and not so planned road trip to Las Vegas and stopped to see the Hoover Dam. 

xX. Eve

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